Landlord Fees

Fees and charges applicable to new landlords as of the 26.04.2022 for new instructions together with a summary of the service provided with each fee.

Let Only Service

Includes: Provide a market appraisal, agree the market rent, advise on refurbishment, provide guidance on compliance with statutory provisions and letting consents, prepare marketing details and photos, market the property, erect a flag board outside the property (as allowed), carryout accompanied viewings (as appropriate), find and introduce a tenant acceptable to the landlord, negotiate the tenancy terms, obtain the tenants ID and a credit reference report, arrange the commencement of the tenancy including the signing of the tenancy agreement and prescribed information by both parties, collect and remit the initial rent and security deposit. Advise on non-resident tax status and make any HMRC deduction and provide the tenant with the HMRC details, if relevant. Negotiate the continuation or renewal of the tenancy if required by the landlord and provide guidance to the landlord in regard to any rent increase.

7.2% incl VAT (6% plus 20% VAT)

Payable as a commission at the commencement of the tenancy and upon the commencement of any renewal or continuation of the tenancy.

Letting Service and Rent Collection Service

As above, plus collect and remit the monthly rent received, issue a monthly statement of account, pursue non-payment of rent and issue reminders as necessary, advise the landlord of any rent arrears and provide advise on possible arrears action.

9.6% incl VAT (8% plus 20% VAT)

Payable monthly for the duration of the tenancy and any continuation of the tenancy.

Letting, Rent Collection and Management Service

As above, plus advise the council and utility providers of change of occupier, arrange as required safety inspections and routine repairs with the landlords contractors, hold keys, undertake quarterly property visits subject to tenants co-operation and provide the landlord with a brief report, agree check out date and time of appointment with tenant and inventory clerk, provide the landlord with advice and guidance in regard to any dilapidations, obtain any estimates as required and negotiate between the parties as necessary.

12% incl VAT (10% plus 20% VAT)

Payable monthly for the duration of the tenancy and any continuation of the tenancy.

Tenancy Agreement

Supply an assured shorthold, general or company tenancy agreement (in the agents standard format or with minor alterations to the terms) together with the prescribed information as required.

£96.00 incl VAT (£80.00 plus 20% VAT)

Additional negotiation of terms leading to major alterations and correspondence with the parties will be charged at an hour rate.

£30.00 incl VAT (£25.00 plus 20% VAT) Per hour


Supply a Section 21 notice or a notice to quit and serve by first class post and recorded delivery.

£144.00 incl VAT (£120.00 plus 20% VAT)

Additional Visits

If additional inspection visits or visits during a void period.

£36.00 incl VAT (£30.00 plus 20% VAT)

Attendance Fee

For attending court, a rent tribunal or committee to give evidence on behalf of the landlord.

£36.00 incl VAT (£30.00 plus 20% VAT) Per hour

Arrangement Fee for Works Over £5000.00

For arranging refurbishment or maintenance work in excess of £5000.00. Arrange access and assess costs with a contractor, obtain up to two quotes, instruct a contractor and visually inspect the work carried out on the landlords behalf, photograph as required.

6% incl VAT (5% plus VAT) of the total costs

Submission of HMRC Quarterly Returns

For submitting a quarterly return and any remittance due to HMRC for a non-resident landlord who is not registered for Gross Approval under HMRC Non-Resident Landlords Scheme (NRL).

£150.00 incl. VAT (£125.00 plus 20%) Per quarter

Administer Disputed Deposit Claims

Prepare and administer documents for disputed deposit claims and forward to the adjudicator of the relevant deposit scheme.

£150.00 incl. VAT (£125.00 plus 20%)